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Managed Server Features
SuSe Linux
Linux operating system
Netzland Control Panel
Popular, easy to use web based control panel

IP Addresses
Upto 8 IP addresses included at no extra charge
Complete Control
Full root admin access to your server
24 x 7 Monitoring
We will monitor your managed servers for basic connectivity ("ping" monitoring), as well as system load, storage availability, and memory utilization. In the event of any issue that could cause service degradation, we will proactively investigate and address the issue 24x7x365.

We will also monitor any network services (web, database, email) for an additional fee, and proactively address any detected issue. If you have a different application you would like us to monitor, we will be happy to consult with you on developing a custom check and related escalation procedures.

Daily Backups
When selected as an optional service, we will create a daily backup of your website files, mailboxes, databases, custom software, and any other data that you specify.
Our firewall protects against the most common protocol-based attacks, including NetBIOS, SMB, SNMP, SMUX, and RPC. Additionally the firewall discards any fragmented packets and traffic to and from reserved IP address space and from RFC1918 (private class) space.

When you request the 'managed firewall' enhanced service option, your server is hosted on a dedicated VLAN, and you may request specific service ports that should be accessible from the internet, or even from specific IP addresses or ranges. A typical managed firewall configuration might expose only ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) to the internet, while opening port 22 (SSH), 21 (FTP), and 3306 (MySQL) to your development office. The primary benefit of such a configuration is greatly enhanced security without any inconvenience to your development team.

Power Management
While ordinarily unnecessary, remote power management allows you to reboot your server via a secure web interface.
Your managed server will come complete with a robust webmail application, allowing you to send and receive email from any computer with an internet connection.
Spam and Virus Filtering
Your managed server will include built-in spam and dangerous content flagging. This level of protection makes it easy for mailbox users to establish client-side filters to avoid most junk mail and viruses. The virus filtering service prevents known viruses from ever reaching user mailboxes.
Software Updates
New exploits and other hacks are anounced daily, and we will keep abreast of all pertinent alerts relevant to your server. We will also proactively apply any security patches required to keep your server running in a secure and reliable fashion.
Technical Support
We have significant experience in infrastructure planning, database administration, software development, and internet technologies in general, and we'll be happy to consult with you on your technical issues. Extensive consulting may require additional fees, but we welcome the opportunity to discuss your projects' technical details.
Performance Tuning
While Modwest managed servers are configured for feature-rich performance upon installation, we will work with you to configure the server for maximum performance as needed. If the traffic and consequent server load is simply too much for the hardware deployed, we will consult with you on upgrade options.
Scaling and Load Balancing
If your e-business is growing in popularity, infrastructure planning should be a key ingredient of your growth plan. Our engineering team is available to consult with you in planning the "next steps" in your internet success.
High Availability Solutions
If you require a load-balanced cluster or other advanced hosting solutions, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.
100% Guaranteed Hardware
We're confident that your managed server will meet your needs reliably. Any defective hardware will be replaced by Modwest staff at absolutely no cost to you.

One undeniable fact of all computers is that the moving parts within hard drives make the drives themselves the most likely components to experience a fault. In recognition of this fact, we provide several levels of protection.

RAID Storage
All Modwest managed servers feature RAID redundancy. RAID ensures that your critical data exists on two or more separate hard drives. Even this level of protection is uncommon among managed dedicated server providers.

Two levels of RAID are available on Modwest managed servers. RAID mirroring (also known as RAID 1) is sufficient to ensure that no data is lost in the event of a single drive fault, though higher performance is available in the more robust RAID-5 option.

Modwest managed servers are available with SCSI storage. SCSI technology, as opposed to IDE, is a storage option that provides greater fault-tolerance and much higher performance in intensive read and write operations.

In particular, SCSI drives in a RAID configuration are known to handle single-drive faults more gracefully than IDE drives.

Hot Swap Chassis
A hot swap drive chassis, available as an option, enables Modwest staff to replace defective hard drives without removing the chassis from its rack or opening the case. This convenience can save precious minutes, and even help avoid any interruption whatsoever.
Redundant Power Failures
Next to hard drives, the power supply is one of the most likely components to experience problems in any computer. A server chassis with two power supplies has two corresponding power cables, and hence is protected from a single unit failure.

While no single-server system is impervious to hardware issues, a hot-swap dual-power SCSI configuration is one of the best ways to approach 100% availability. We are happy to consult with you to help determine your requirements for managed server hardware.

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