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  Our Revolutionary Technologies in the SPAM World …

  • Revolutionary Spam Filter technology first time in World.

  • Language Learning SPAM-Protection.

  • Filter improvement during analysing process.

  • No special hardware required.

  • Easy installation

  • Intuitive operation

  • EACH mailbox adapts itself to the individual needs.

  • This minimizes the mistake quota to an absolute minimum.

  • Now even better with Black, Whitelist and Black Hole!!

  • You define, which E-mail-senders should not and which should be filtered.

  • Integration in Microsoft Outlook

  • Sorts SPAM before downloading E-Mails on your PC

  • Result: faster downloads of your normal E-MAILS

  • Cost saving through reduced time loss

  • Now 2 months free test period

  • After test phase only Rs.299/- per mailbox independent of the amount of the tested mails

  • Integration in Microsoft Outlook

  • Easy handling

  • 99.5% success in spam avoidance

  • Average 10h/month/mailbox time saving

  • Rs.10,000/- month cost saving!

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