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For sites requiring more power than what normal hosting can provide, a dedicated server is usually the better route to take.

Having a dedicated server is a completely different from normal virtual (shared) hosting. The server is now fully yours - the entire hard disk and all the bandwidth allocated can be used as you want with full secured. There is no longer any CPU Usage restriction. If you need, you can use up 100% CPU utilization. You can put all your sites, databases, applications etc. on this one server without having to worry about paying hosting fees for each site added.

But along with these new liberations come new responsibilities. Most important is to ensure that you server is always patched and up to date. There are new updates being constantly released, which if not applied to your server could let a hacker could gain inner access to your server.

Because management can be so difficult, there are usually two types of dedicated hosting offered:

  • Unmanaged - your host will not help you maintain the server. Far more cheaper than managed dedicated, you should only opt for an unmanaged server if you are well versed with how a server functions. The server will be given to you either with a plain operating system installation or with a control panel installed. It is your duty to take care of all upgrades, patches, configuration, security, and fixing any problems. In such a situation, it might be worthwhile to hire a system administrator to ensure that your server is always in good condition
  • Managed - your host will assist you in the upkeep of your server. This can be quite expensive, but for those without the technical skills it can be very helpful. By choosing to go with a managed dedicated server, the web host will help you with the above-mentioned administrator responsibilities. While more expensive, it will save you the headache of trying to get your server to work if there are any problems. For more details please visit to our Managed Dedicated Server Plans.

    Dedicated servers come either as just plain installations (where only the operating system and basic services are installed) or with a control panel. The control panel lets you easily modify most server features from a web page. It should be noted that the control panel will have limitations, and will not provide access to everything.

    It should be noted that with a dedicated server, even though you may be paying a set up fee, the server is usually owned by the company . you are only renting it for the time being.

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