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Netzland, a private suite of the state-of-the-art Data Center, provides unparalleled performance, availability and top security to our dedicated hosting customers.

Our dedicated servers include necessary services such as server software, burstable bandwidth, routing hardware, electrical power and cabinet space. By using a dedicated server you also avoid the hassles of configuring such components. We take care of all that, and we're experts in our field.

Features :

  • Boosted Bandwidth. Bandwidth has been increased to up to 1200 GB per month.
  • Network. Multihomed, fully burstable 100 Mbit bandwidth
  • Multiple Providers. Your server is connected via 7+ Internet backbones.
  • Carrier Class Data Facility. Fully redundant UPS systems, generator backup, closed circuit monitoring, redundant air conditioning
  • Root Access. Your server will be directly controlled by the superuser.
  • Secure facility
  • Climate controlled environment
  • 24 hour, 365 day connection and server monitoring
  • Monthly Billing



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